Dental Options For Missing Teeth – Restore Your Smile Today

Living with missing teeth can leave you with short and long term disadvantages. In the short term, you may not smile as much, and you might have trouble when trying to eat your favorite foods. If you have missing teeth for a long time, it can affect your other teeth and jaw bone, causing them to merge closer together or shrink. In this post, we’ll walk you through common dental options for missing teeth. Read more

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We accept MetLife dental insurance

West Lakes Dentistry is proud to be your local MetLife dental provider in Chaska and Mound, MN! While not every single procedure is covered by dental insurance, its value in helping to finance vital dental treatments is too important to ignore. From root canals that may save your teeth to emergency procedures that can end your toothache, discover the reasons why millions of Americans take their dental insurance very seriously. Read more