Dental Implant Office – Golden Valley, MN

West Lakes Dentistry now offers dental implant services through the Dental Implant Center in Golden Valley, MN. This office is exclusively for dental implant patients, open Thursdays 7am-4pm, with Dr. Stephanie Miner serving as the on-site dentist. If you’re in need of this service, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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Thursdays: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Stephanie Miner is the primary West Lakes Dentistry dentist at the Golden Valley location. A leader in cosmetic and implant dentistry, Dr. Miner has years of experience leading a variety of surgical procedures. Her talent, training, and experience will ensure that your dental implant treatments are safe and successful.

Having a reliable, trustworthy dentist makes a difference when it comes to the success of dental implant surgery. With Dr. Stephanie Miner in charge, you’ll be happy to know you’re in the hands of an industry leader who has performed many of these life-changing procedures.

What Can Dental Implants Do for You?

Dental implants are the only permanent solution for missing teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth, a full arch, or all of them, we can restore your smile with dental implants. Although dentures are a more common restorative option, only dental implants can replace both the tooth root and the actual tooth. This prevents the jawbone from shrinking over time.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Many aspects of this treatment are superior to the results you get with dentures or a bridge. Some of the most notable benefits of dental implants include:

  • Designed to last a lifetime if properly cared for
  • Strong enough for you to eat any of the foods you want with no limitations
  • Easy maintenance that’s as simple as brushing and flossing
  • No risk of losing your implants or having them shift in your mouth
  • Get the attractive, natural-looking smile you deserve

The Dental Implants Process

If you’re considering dental implants, we’ll help you understand what to expect from all stages of the treatment. Here’s more information patients should know about the dental implant procedure:

  • Implants are very strong due to osseointegration, the process in which they integrate with the jawbone
  • The three parts of a dental implant are the fixture, abutment, and restoration. The restoration is typically a crown
  • The stages of dental implants include the initial consultation, first surgery, recovery period, and second surgery
  • Although the recovery stage can last around three to six months, you’ll be given a temporary implant while your body adapts to the new one

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