Meet Our New Dentist – Dr. Suzanne Hendrix

West Lakes Dentistry is thrilled to introduce a new member of our team, Dr. Suzanne Hendrix! Learn more about Dr. Hendrix below, and request an appointment today. Read more

How Often Should You Get Dental X-Rays?

X-rays are an invaluable tool for dentists, allowing them to see any diseases that may be developing and other abnormalities that may threaten a patient’s health. X-ray technology has evolved significantly in recent years, making the process more convenient than ever. So, how often should you get dental X-rays? Discover why they are vital and how many we recommend you should get each year. Read more

My Dental Implant Chipped, What Do I Do?

Many people who get dental implants continue to play sports, go to parties, and lead an active lifestyle. Whether caused by an accident on the court or by an accidental elbow from your three-year old, your dental implants may chip for various reasons. When this happens, there’s no reason to panic. If you have a chipped dental implant, the good news is that it can be simple and painless to repair. Learn more below, and request an appointment with West Lakes Dentistry today. Read more