Broken Molar Repair Options

No one plans to injure their teeth, but sometimes it happens when we least expect it. As molars are your teeth that are most crucial to the chewing process, a cracked or broken molar can wreak havoc on your ability to properly chew your food. Learn more about broken molar repair options available at West Lakes Dentistry in Mound and Chaska, MN.

Will A Cracked Molar Hurt?woman with toothache for replacement tooth mound mn

While you may assume a crack in one of your largest teeth would hurt a lot—and it might—that’s not always the case. The main factor in whether a broken molar will cause pain is the location of the crack in your tooth. If the injury exposes the inner part of your tooth, the pulp, then it’s likely to be sensitive. Whether or not the cracked molar hurts, however, it’s important to schedule a dentist appointment right away.

Signs Of A Broken Tooth

Aside from potential tooth pain, there are other signs that you may have a crack forming in your teeth. Consider these symptoms that may indicate a cracked or broken molar:

  • Tooth feels loose or moves around when biting
  • The tooth is irritable while brushing your teeth
  • Looking at it closely may reveal a developing crack
  • It feels different when biting on food or when flossing your teeth

Seek Treatment Right Away

If a small crack is forming and it goes untreated, it could easily turn into a more severe condition. Biting on a cracked tooth will put additional pressure on the crack, expanding it. A crack that may not hurt at first may expand to expose the inner pulp if left untreated. Additionally, a crack can expose your tooth to greater potential for rot and cavities. For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to visit your dentist as soon as you notice an issue.

Cracked Molar Repair Options

Luckily, there are several broken molar repair options, depending on the depth and severity of the injury. At West Lakes Dentistry, we will walk you through your options and provide our recommendations best suited for your unique situation:

  • Dental Bonding. Minor cracks may be repaired and covered with dental bonding, a process where a resin is used and then hardened with a special light.
  • Root Canal Therapy. In situations where the broken molar is causing pain, it may be necessary to remove the pulp in a root canal therapy procedure.
  • Dental Crown. Either alone or accompanied by a root canal procedure, a dental crown may be used to cover and strengthen a cracked tooth.
  • Extraction & Restoration. Some cases may require that the cracked tooth be extracted. At West Lakes Dentistry, we practice sedation dentistry and can help ensure you are as comfortable as possible before extracting a tooth.

Visit West Lakes Dentistry Immediately With A Cracked Molar

Time is an important factor when you’ve cracked a tooth. You may be in a lot of pain. You may be unable to bite down on your favorite foods. Ultimately, it’s vital to get your molar fixed as soon as possible—before it can get worse. Visit our office in Mound or Chaska, MN, and we’ll devise a treatment plan for your individualized needs.

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