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How Often Should You Get Dental X-Rays?

X-rays are an invaluable tool for dentists, allowing them to see any diseases that may be developing and other abnormalities that may threaten a patient’s health. X-ray technology has evolved significantly in recent years, making the process more convenient than ever. So, how often should you get dental X-rays? Discover why they are vital and how many we recommend you should get each year.

Why Are X-Rays So Important?

If you’ve ever considered skipping your X-rays or wondered why you needed them, you’re not alone. However, when you consider that dental problems can develop on the inside of the tooth and mouth as well, it’s easy to see why taking a few minutes to get accurate X-rays is well worth the effort. They pinpoint areas of concern so our dental team can take a closer look when necessary. Here are some of the reasons why your X-ray is a crucial part of your treatment plan:

  • They enable dentists to see changes in the back of your teeth and surrounding tissue
  • The development of gum disease and cavities can be seen
  • They provide the detailed perspective necessary to make major health decisions

How Many X-Rays Are Recommended for Healthy Adults?

You may be surprised that adults who have no cavities or gum disease can go for several biannual appointments without worrying about an X-ray. X-rays are important, but the ADA has recently specified that healthy adults with no issues can go two or three years without needing a new one.

Recurring Dental Issues May Require More

If you are combatting a problem like periodontitis or an infection, more frequent X-rays may be required to ensure that the symptoms are healing and responding to treatment. Also, if you’ve had recurring gum disease, cavities, or some other dental problem, then your dentist may request more X-rays to ensure that the treatment is working.

How /to Plan Your X-Rays

From financial concerns to the needs of your dental health, there are many factors influencing how often you commit to new X-rays. The fact is, the ideal amount may be slightly different for everyone, even if your dental concerns or insurance plans are similar. Some things to think about when planning your X-rays include:

  • How often does your insurance plan cover them?
  • Have you had dental problems in recent months?
  • What is the risk in waiting two years between X-rays versus getting then annually?

Get The Treatments You Need At West Lakes Dentistry

Along with cleanings and oral cancer screenings, X-rays are a crucial part of the fundamental services we offer at West Lakes Dentistry. Make an appointment with us today!