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Ultrasonic Scaling Vs Hand Scaling

Our dental team uses many tools and techniques to help ensure you leave with a healthy smile. Factors like patient comfort and overall efficiency play a major role in deciding which tool is best for the job. While many dentists and hygienists love the detailed control and traditional feel of manual tools, ultrasonic scaling affords many advantages. Learn more about the differences between ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling, and discover why both are extremely useful for removing tartar.

Hand Tools Provide Unmatched Control

Dentists and hygienists rely on a variety of metal tools that allow us to reach the most difficult parts of your mouth. These tools feature different specialized tips that make them suitable for cleaning the plaque and tartar from your teeth. Manual scaling tools and techniques have been the foundation of dental care. Although advancements such as ultrasonic scaling have improved many aspects of dentistry, there will always be a reliable place for manual tools in the cleaning process.

Hand Scaling Depends Heavily on the User’s Skill

A unique aspect of manual scaling tools is that the quality of cleaning as well as the comfort of the patient are all dependent on the skill of the doctor or hygienist who’s using them. This can prove to be a disadvantage or benefit depending on the user’s skill and experience. Factors such as the way a hygienist was trained, their dexterity, and their knowledge of the tool all play a role in how effective a hand scaling procedure can be.

How Ultrasonic Technology Changed Dental Care

For many years, hand tools were the only option for dentists when it came to cleaning a patient’s teeth. While they’re great for soft substances like plaque, tartar hardens in the crevices of your teeth and is much more difficult to remove. This is where ultrasonic scaling proved to be a game changer.

Ultrasonic technology uses a rapid series of tiny vibrations that gently rattle your teeth, shaking lose any debris that is stuck to them. This is excellent for removing tartar that may be wedged into tight spots difficult to remove with manual tools. In addition to enhancing comfort during the cleaning process, ultrasonic scaling makes tartar control a lot quicker, letting patients return to their normal lives as soon as possible. Combined with hand scaling, ultrasonic scaling allows us to comfortably clean a patient’s mouth, ensuring that it’s completely free from tartar before you leave.

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At West Lakes Dentistry, we take pride in making your experience as comfortable as possible. This includes using the tools and equipment to help ensure your visit is as quick and efficient as possible. Ultrasonic scaling provides a massive advantage for dental techs, but there are times when hand scaling is useful as well. With professional experience, top quality training, and a strong desire to please our patients, you can rely on our team to keep your smile healthy.

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