Outstanding Dental Implants in Mound & Chaska, MN

At West Lakes Dentistry, we have an incredible solution to missing teeth. Dental implants can restore tooth function, reduce the risk of infection, and last longer than most other tooth replacement options.

A shiny new tooth awaits! Restore your smile, restore your health! Filling in that empty space can give you a boost of confidence when you look in the mirror. We want to help you be happy, be healthy, be you!

You don’t have to continue enduring this alone. Our kind team of dentists, hygienists, and assistants is here to help you get your smile back! We love to see you smile! Call us today at either our Mound or Chaska locations to explore your treatment options!

Are You Suffering From Pain or Discomfort?

Missing teeth can cause more than shyness. Difficulty eating, speaking, or even maintaining your oral hygiene are all incredibly common symptoms of missing teeth. Tooth loss leads to all sorts of health complications from poor diet, to heart disease.

By replacing missing or decayed teeth with a dental implant, you’ll not only be getting a natural look, but also a natural feel! Dental implants stimulate the jawbone, just like existing teeth, which keeps the jaw healthy and strong.


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There are many benefits of getting a dental implant, but here are just a few. 

  • Replace missing teeth: If you’ve experienced tooth loss from decay or an accident, a dental implant will restore the chewing surface while also maintaining the health of your entire mouth! Your ability to eat and speak will greatly improve with a dental implant.
  • Protect facial structure: Missing or decayed teeth can change your overall facial appearance. A dental implant ensures that your jaw and mouth retain your natural skeletal structures. It can also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting around.
  • Prevent bone loss: Our teeth stimulate the jawbone, keeping it healthy and strong. Missing teeth create gaps in your jawbone where bone density loss can occur. A bone graft will be needed to fix this issue.
  • Stabilize adjacent teeth: When you have a missing tooth or teeth, it creates a gap in which your remaining teeth will try to fill. A dental implant keeps your teeth in place and ensures that your smile is strong and secure.
  • Gain confidence! You shouldn’t be worrying over your teeth when having meals with friends or family. With newfound confidence, you’ll be able to get back to enjoying the little things in life. Laughing, smiling, and creating new, lasting memories!

Why Choose West Lakes Dentistry?

Our dentists at West Lakes Dentistry are experienced and fully equipped to offer the full dental implant treatment at both our Mound and our Chaska offices. That’s something not every dental practice can say!

We also offer Hybridge® dental implants–a great option for patients missing most of their teeth! Hybridge implants provide a unique way of placing an entire row of teeth on just a few implants.

We’re the first choice for replacing missing teeth in Mound and Chaska!

West Lakes Dentistry offers the following benefits:

  • Free Wifi.
  • Advanced dentistry.
  • Compassionate care.
  • Sedation dentistry options.
  • Massage treatment chairs.
  • Patient amenities like blankets, headphones, and TVs.
  • The speed, safety, and accuracy of advanced technology.

Ours is an office that truly values our patients. Every morning, we gather before we open to discuss the patients we have that day and how we can help them succeed. We also talk about what’s going on in their lives outside of dentistry. With us, you are more than just a number. You’re a dear friend and we want to get to know you better and help you be happy, be healthy, be you! We love to see you smile!

Come visit our office to finally get the smile of your dreams!

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Our Dental Implant Options

When you come to West Lakes Dentistry for your dental implants, we will walk you through the steps to reach your individual goals. There are a variety of dental implant options available to accommodate a variety of needs:

  • Single Dental Implant: If you’ve lost a tooth, a single dental implant will act just like any other existing tooth in your mouth. A tiny titanium rod is placed within the jawbone, and a crown is then set atop it, giving you a natural look and feel.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: If you’re missing all or most of your teeth you might be considering traditional dentures, but we urge you to consider dentures of a stronger, sturdier variety–implant-supported dentures.
  • Hybridge Implants: Hybridge implant bridges use implants to support multiple false teeth at once. Our dentists have received special training to be able to offer this unique way to replace missing teeth.

How Does the Implant Process Work?

Dental Implants require a surgical procedure to place. They restore your ability to eat and speak permanently! At West Lakes Dentistry, we are trained to perform the full procedure right in our office! We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to a radiant smile:

  1. Examination: Our dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to understand the condition of your jaw and existing teeth. This includes taking x-rays and digital impressions and discussing your current medications and conditions.
  2. Prep Work: Sometimes there is a need for extractions, bone grafts, or gum disease treatment before a dental implant can be placed. If this is the case, we’ll take care of your needs 
  3. Placing the Implant: This is the surgical placement of tiny titanium rods into the jawbone. Just like a natural tooth, this implant stimulates the jawbone and keeps it strong and healthy while supporting a crown, bridge, or denture.
  4. Abutment Placement: Once your implants have healed, our dentist will place an abutment which is a small metal piece that fits on top of the implant. This allows your crown or denture to connect to the implant.
  5. Crown Placement: After your gums have healed, your dentist will place your crown or denture. The dental implant will last 20 years or more with proper care. The crown or denture may need to be replaced after 10-15 years.

The entire treatment will span the course of a few months as we will book multiple appointments, wait for your mouth to heal, and prepare your tooth replacements. When it’s all over, you’ll have a brand new tooth that could last the rest of your life.


If you have dentures, we can use mini dental implants to stabilize them for increased comfort and ease of use. This type of implant is more affordable and considered a great solution for patients who either choose not to have or do not qualify for traditional dental implants.

The mini implants work as attachments between your jaw and dentures so that the dentures fit better and don’t feel loose or move around. having a well-fitted denture makes it easier to chew, speak, and smile confidently..

These are an alternative to regular dental implants. The advantage of this type of implant is that it does not require a large incision in the gum tissue. This makes the procedure less invasive and can be completed in one visit to the dentist. There are no sutures or bone grafts required with this type of implant..

The mini implants are placed under the gum line and use the surrounding teeth to stabilize the denture. This type of implant is a good option for people who have difficulty wearing traditional dentures or are not candidates for regular dental implants. We would love to discuss them with you for more information about mini implants..

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost?

West Lakes Dentistry offers coverage for many health insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! We offer a variety of payment plans that can make our services more affordable. Our experienced staff will help you select the best one that works for you and your budget. 

Don’t let insurance stop you from receiving the care that you need! We work hard for our patients, and we don’t charge unnecessary fees or push needless treatments. Prevention and early detection are key in maintaining a healthy smile. 

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Dental implants require a surgical procedure that takes a few months to get through but the results are well worth the effort. Though we do everything we can to make the procedure itself painless, there may be some pain during the healing process. By following our at-home care guide you can mitigate discomfort. 

  • Stock up on soft foods: Yogurt, smooth ice cream/sherberts, pasta, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, etc. are perfect choices for recovery. You don’t want to chew on hard food to avoid further irritation and soreness. 
  • Don’t drink from a straw: Suction can dislodge the blood clots that form after surgery, causing a “dry socket” that can be incredibly painful. Once a dry socket has formed, it takes about 7 days for tissue to regrow and heal.
  • Ice packs can help! After a procedure, you may notice some swelling–that is completely normal. Use an icepack in 15-minute intervals for one or two-hour periods to help give some relief. Never put ice directly on the skin.

Avoid tobacco products: Tobacco not only stains your teeth but can also increase your chance of infection. This includes root canal infections. You should avoid using tobacco products for at least 2 months after your surgery.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

While the average lifespan of a dental implant is 25 years, your implants can last a lifetime with proper hygiene and care routines! Treat your implants the same as you would your existing teeth:

  • Brush twice daily.
  • Floss once a day.
  • Use antimicrobial mouthwash.
  • Avoid biting on hard surfaces like ice or tricky plastic lids. 

Will a Dental Implant Work for Me?

Since implantation is a surgical procedure, some people may not fit this treatment plan. Several factors may complicate the dental implant procedure:

  • Current medications.
  • Existing health problems.
  • Budget.
  • Healing ability.

Our experienced team of professionals will help walk you through your options so that you can make the best decision for your specific lifestyle and budget. Every individual we see is unique and it’s our goal to create a treatment plan that works just for you!

How Should I Prepare for Dental Implants?

Preparation is a great way to get a head start on your new smile before you even sit down in our office. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re prepared for recovery:

  • Prep Food and Drink: Feel free to eat a light meal a couple of hours before your procedure. Stock up on your favorite smoothies, juice, and other soft food favorites like pasta for after your procedure.
  • Take Medication: You may be prescribed antibiotics to take a few days before surgery to prevent implantation failure. It is also possible to be given a special antibacterial mouthwash to use as well.
  • Stop Bad Habits: Smoking can slow down the healing process and increase your risk of infection. Make sure that you speak with our dentist about your tobacco usage. There are dental implant alternatives that may be a better fit.

What Do I Do After the Procedure?

Our dentist will most likely suggest, or prescribe, pain management solutions. Make sure you take these medications as directed.

It will take a few months for your implants to heal enough for your permanent crown, bridge, or denture to be placed. Common side effects you may experience are swelling, minor bruising, and discomfort.

Soft foods are the way to go during your healing process–smooth ice cream/sherberts can be a great way to soothe sore gums!

For long-term care, you’ll want to adopt a good oral hygiene routine. Your implants can’t get cavities, but they can still be affected by periodontal disease so it’s best to stay vigilant! Keep up with your regular appointments and you’ll be smooth sailing!

What If I Feel Uneasy About Surgery?

You’ve come to the right place! West Lakes Dentistry offers sedation dentistry options! Not only can this addition to your implant surgery make the process easier and less stressful for you, but if you utilize sedation at every dental visit, you could very well cure your dental anxiety!

Our sedation options:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation: Oral sedation is taken as a small pill about an hour before your appointment. It will leave you feeling drowsy and relaxed–you might not even remember a thing from your surgery!
  • Nitrous Oxide: A lighter form of sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), makes you feel peaceful and content. It’s administered through a nasal mask that lets you breathe in the gas. It’s great for taking the edge off of nerves!

Ready for Dental Implants?

We’re ready to give you a full healthy smile again! We offer full dental implant services at our Mound and Chaska offices including:

  • Implant placement.
  • Implant restoration.
  • Hybridge implants.
  • Implant dentures.
  • And more!

We want to be your first choice for tooth replacements!

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You don’t have to go toothless any longer! West Lakes Dentistry is here to help you get your dream smile with dental implants. We love to see you smile!

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