Jaw Sore Or Locking? Visit A TMJ Dentist In Chaska or Mound, MN!

Ever feel jaw pain that makes talking difficult or cumbersome? It’s likely that this pain was in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the large joint that controls movement of your jaw. When patients get disorders associated with their TMJ, it can interfere with speaking and chewing and can be quite debilitating. Visiting a TMJ dentist like West Lakes Dentistry in Mound or Chaska, MN can be a great way to discover treatment options to improve the function of your jaw. Read more

Get Your Smile Back With Dental Veneers In Mound & Chaska, MN

While very few of us are born with a Hollywood smile, it’s now accessible to many patients through modern cosmetic dentistry services! In this post, we’ll focus on the benefits of dental veneers. Learn more about this procedure and how you can get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Read more

Protect Your Smile With Tooth Sealants In Mound & Chaska, MN

What if there were a treatment that provided an extra layer of protection for your teeth? At West Lakes Dental, we offer dental sealants, which do just that! Sealants are a simple and cost-effective preventative procedure that can greatly improve your smile. Learn more about tooth sealants and how they can protect your teeth from cavities and decay. Ready to get started? Make an appointment at our Mound or Chaska, MN office today! Read more

Looking For a Dentist? Here’s How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Building a relationship with a dentist you can trust can yield benefits for your entire family. The better a dentist knows your history, the more effectively they can create treatment plans that work for you. But before you can be on a first name basis with your trusted family dentist, it’s important to choose one that best fits your needs. From specialties to logistics, explore some of the considerations to keep in mind when looking for a dentist in your local area. Read more

Is A Dentist Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

Brushing twice per day and flossing does a lot for your teeth. The brushing process scrapes debris from the surface, while fluoridated toothpaste helps to keep your teeth white. If you’re among the 30 percent of Americans who floss daily, then you go the extra mile to remove plaque from in between your teeth. These habits are vital to a healthy smile, but they’re still only half of the puzzle. The other half involves attending your biannual dental appointments! From oral cancer screenings to advanced technology, discover the reasons why a professional dentist teeth cleaning is absolutely necessary. Read more