Curing Bad Breath – Halitosis Treatment & Remedies

Whatever it is you do, bad breath, or halitosis as it’s also known, can stop people right in their tracks. It’s especially noticeable when you have to talk to people in a close, intimate setting, such as an office meeting or a cafe. With multiple causes, this condition may not be any fault of your own, but it’s still a condition to treat whenever it arises. Discover more about common causes and your options for curing halitosis. Read more

Teeth Reshaping & Contouring – A Simple, Cost-Effective Way To Improve Your Smile

The importance of a bright, healthy smile can’t be underestimated. Through normal daily function, however, our smiles can sustain subtle damage over time that diminishes their appearance. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your smile, the teeth reshaping and contouring procedure may be right for you. Learn more, and get in touch to set up an appointment at our Mound or Chaska, MN locations. Read more

Get The Smile You Want With West Lakes Smile Makeover Services

If you’re hesitant to show your smile due to dental problems, you may be surprised how modern treatments can restore a natural looking appearance. With treatments like tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and teeth whitening, we can give you the smile that you deserve. Ready to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of? Explore the smile makeover services we offer at West Lakes Dentistry in Mound and Chaska, MN! Read more

Jaw Sore Or Locking? Visit A TMJ Dentist In Chaska or Mound, MN!

Ever feel jaw pain that makes talking difficult or cumbersome? It’s likely that this pain was in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the large joint that controls movement of your jaw. When patients get disorders associated with their TMJ, it can interfere with speaking and chewing and can be quite debilitating. Visiting a TMJ dentist like West Lakes Dentistry in Mound or Chaska, MN can be a great way to discover treatment options to improve the function of your jaw. Read more

Get Your Smile Back With Dental Veneers In Mound & Chaska, MN

While very few of us are born with a Hollywood smile, it’s now accessible to many patients through modern cosmetic dentistry services! In this post, we’ll focus on the benefits of dental veneers. Learn more about this procedure and how you can get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Read more