My Dental Implant Chipped, What Do I Do?

Many people who get dental implants continue to play sports, go to parties, and lead an active lifestyle. Whether caused by an accident on the court or by an accidental elbow from your three-year old, your dental implants may chip for various reasons. When this happens, there’s no reason to panic. If you have a chipped dental implant, the good news is that it can be simple and painless to repair. Learn more below, and request an appointment with West Lakes Dentistry today.

Don’t Panic

Dental implants have the reputation of lasting a lifetime. When one is broken or chipped, some patients may assume the worst. However, there are important facts to know about how we repair your implant, what the most likely injury would be and how we may treat it.

As an implant wearer, you very likely remember that the dental implant is comprised of three parts:

  • Titanium Fixture – Serves as the deep root securing the implant in place.
  • Abutment – Attaching piece that ensures a tight connection from the fixture to the crown.
  • Final Restoration – Often a dental crown, this final piece is the natural-looking new tooth.

Repair Options

Your treatment will be customized to your needs. No two patients are the same, and the details are vital when it comes to dental treatment. Rest assured that we’ll use the least invasive treatment to recover any parts and restore your smile.

  • If you’ve suffered a fracture due to trauma to your dental implant, it’s most likely that the chip has only damaged the crown, which is the new tooth. The good news is damage to the crown wouldn’t affect your nerves, and might only be a matter of having a new one made and attached to the abutment.
  • The implant fixture and abutment are rooted deep into the surrounding bone. It’s highly unlikely that a chipped implant would also imply damage to these components, which are deeply rooted.
  • If there was damage to your screw (the titanium fixture), we will provide the necessary treatments to restore your implant and make your smile beautiful again.

Why Are Implants So Secure?

To know why the implant is tightly secured in your mouth, it’s important to understand osseointegration. The fact that titanium integrates naturally with human bone makes many forms of implants possible, including dental implants. This forms a secure bond that is far stronger than other restorative treatments. If properly cared for, dental implants can be expected to last a lifetime, but we understand that accidents happen, and sometimes they result in a chipped implant.

What To Do If Your Implant Has Chipped

Much like you would with a regular tooth, it’s important to bring any parts you can retrieve into our dental office. This will help immensely in assessing and helping to repair the implant. We’ll determine your comfort level and decide on how we can best go about repairs.

Our teams in Mound and Chaska, MN are experienced in treating all types of implant-related mishaps. Make an appointment today for comprehensive treatment that puts your comfort first.