How To Fix A Broken Front Tooth

Dental injuries are always unexpected and can really throw a wrench into your plans. One of the most noticeable and tedious dental injuries is a crack to one of your most prevalent teeth. Whether you’ve bitten into a hard object or taken a sudden fall, there are many situations that can result in a broken front tooth. When it happens, you’re going to want to get treatment as soon as possible. Learn your opetions for how to fix a broken front tooth, and make an appointment today at West Lakes Dentistry in Mound or Chaska, MN.

Assessing The Damage

The factor that will play the biggest role in determining the kind of treatment required is how deep the damage to the tooth was. This will make a major difference both in how easy the problem is to treat as well as how much pain you are likely to feel. Discover the difference in both scenarios of a broken front tooth:

Shallow Tooth Damage

A topical crack in the tooth can very likely be easily fixed in a dental office. If the damage didn’t reach the pulp of the tooth, then it’s far less likely to be painful as well. A simple bonding procedure may be all that’s required to restore the strength of your cracked tooth.

Root Damage

The living part of the tooth is called the pulp. This is where the nerves and root are located within the center of the tooth. If your crack goes beyond the surface and all the way down to the root, it will probably result in a lot of discomfort. Treating this may require root canal therapy to remove the living part of the tooth and cover it with a dental crown.

The Best Treatments for Broken Front Teeth

Although every case is different, there are some standard treatments that are most likely to be used to treat a cracked tooth. Here are some of the most common examples:

Dental Bonding

Using a composite resin, our dental team can fill in cracks and reshape your tooth to perfectly blend in with your smile. This is a non-invasive method and involves little time in the dental chair. Learn more.

Dental Crown

Dental crowns are designed to completely cover a tooth to add strength and create a realistic appearance. They may be used to add durability to a cracked tooth and to restore chewing power. Learn more.

Restore Your Tooth Today

Your broken tooth may or may not be accompanied by pain, but one thing’s for certain: you’re going to want to get it fixed. Our team at West Lakes Dentistry can help. We’ll provide you with a thorough exam, discuss your options, and implement the treatments that can help you most. Don’t wait until the problem becomes more difficult or painful. Make an appointment with us today.