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Looking For a Dentist? Here’s How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Building a relationship with a dentist you can trust can yield benefits for your entire family. The better a dentist knows your history, the more effectively they can create treatment plans that work for you. But before you can be on a first name basis with your trusted family dentist, it’s important to choose one that best fits your needs. From specialties to logistics, explore some of the considerations to keep in mind when looking for a dentist in your local area.

What Matters Most When Choosing A Dentist?

Priorities will vary from patient to patient when looking for a dentist. Ask yourself questions like the following: How far are you willing to travel for your dentist? What services are most crucial to you and your family? By considering your dental needs and practical factors, you can choose a local dentist you can be happy with for years to come.

Dental Needs

Dental needs vary from family to family. Only you can know what services are most important to your oral health. Dental considerations to think about when choosing a dentist include:

Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a unique dental specialty that isn’t performed by every dentist. If you think you may need porcelain veneers, in-office teeth whitening, inlays, onlays or other cosmetic dental procedures, be sure to choose a dentist who offers those services. We offer comprehensive cosmetic dental treatments at West Lakes!

Do You Have Kids?

Some dentists are specific about preferring older patients or adults, while others make caring for kids a main priority. Be sure to ask your potential dentist what age they recommend bringing in children. At West Lakes Dentistry, we’re more than happy to provide a full range of kids dentistry services at both our Mound and Chaska, MN locations.

Do You Have Teens That Need Teeth Straightening?

The average age that kids get braces is typically between 8-10 years old, but teens often make excellent candidates for braces or Invisalign Teen. Whether your dentist provides these services may be a priority if you’ll need them in the upcoming years. We offer Invisalign at West Lakes Dentistry—an innovative teeth straightening system that’s virtually invisible!

Practical Factors

When looking for a dentist in your area, consider the following practical matters In addition to the services note above:


Depending on how far you’re willing to travel for your dental visit, location is likely to be a major factor in who you choose. Whether you opt for a dentist that suits your needs better at 30 minutes from home or one that is walking distance from your house can be a pivotal decision for your dental health. We’re thrilled to offer two office locations—one in Mound, MN and our newer office in Chaska, MN!


Like mechanics, contractors, landscapers and most other services, dentists can charge different rates for the same treatments. Furthermore, some dentists are more strict with the insurance providers and dental plans they accept than others. When choosing a dentist, it’s important to have confidence that you can finance the appointments and treatments for you and your family. Learn more about our financing information here. And if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry! West Lakes Dentistry can connect to payment options that make dental care affordable..

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With a strong emphasis on empowering patients to make dental decisions they can feel good about, our team at West Lakes Dentistry has comprehensive services for your entire family. If you’re looking for a dentist, look no further! From treating kids to providing the latest and most advanced cosmetic treatments, you can count on our team to provide top-quality care.

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