What Is Considered Major Dental Care?

While dental insurance is extremely valuable for covering the fundamental treatments that your family needs, some of the more elaborate procedures may remain uncovered, depending on your policy. These are considered major dental care and can include procedures like dental implants, bridgework, treatment for impacted wisdom teeth, and more. Discover the different categories of dental coverage and how you can get the major dental treatments you need affordably.

The Perks of Major Dental Care

The three categories of dental coverage are preventative, basic, and major. Major dental care coverage includes the most advanced dental treatments that are designed for restorative and cosmetic purposes in addition to enhancing your comfort. Although individual plans may vary in the treatments they consider major, these are some that are most often included in the major category of dental care:

  • Dental Implants. As they’re popularity increases, more insurance companies are covering dental implants as a major dental care treatment.
  • Sedation Dentistry. Whether you feel mild anxiety over your dental visits or you have a severe case of dental phobia, sedation dentistry can completely remove the stress from your experience.
  • Orthodontic Treatments. Major dental care often includes coverage for orthodontic treatments like traditional metal braces as well as popular clear braces treatments.

How Can West Lakes Dentistry Help if You’re Uninsured?

While many employers provide dental insurance, we understand that not all of them do and many patients don’t have it. Luckily, other options are available to help our patients afford advanced treatments:

Lending Club

Lending Club is ideal for patients who get cosmetic medical and dental treatments that may not be covered by insurance. Feel free to peruse their requirements and apply for the assistance you need.

In Office Dental Plans at West Lakes Dentistry

At West Lakes Dentistry, we care about making life easier for our patients and taking the hassle out of affording your dental treatments. We offer three dental plan options that can make affording dental care easier than ever before. Check out our in office dental plans to see which may benefit you the most.

Our Team Can Help Answer Your Coverage Questions

Not sure whether your new porcelain veneers or root canal are considered major dental care or preventative? Ask our staff, and we’ll help you understand the type of coverage you have and the benefits it provides. While basic dental care is vital and is most often covered by insurance, major dental care treatments offer enhancements to your quality of life and are extremely important as well. At West Lakes Dentistry, we want your dental care to be a simple, comfortable process.

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