Tooth Sensitivity Treatment Options in Chaska, MN

Whether it comes from a change in temperature or after biting into a particular food, tooth sensitivity can affect every aspect of your life. If you feel like you have sensitive teeth, you’re not alone. About 12 percent of Americans have sensitive teeth—or dentin hypersensitivity as it’s also known. Discover some of the tooth sensitivity treatment options available at West Lakes Dentistry in Chaska, MN!

Ways We Can Treat Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can occur for a variety of reasons. While some are born with extra sensitive teeth, others may develop them through a dental condition. Fortunately for patients with sensitive teeth, there are a variety of effective treatments that can relieve your condition. These vary in terms of invasiveness and severity, as the reasons patients may have sensitive teeth can be completely different.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride benefits the teeth in multiple ways and is found in some toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even your tap water. But the fluoride treatment our dental team offers is thorough enough to alleviate mild cases of sensitive teeth in addition to aiding the prevention of cavities. A fluoride treatment is the least invasive action we can take to help patients with sensitive teeth.

Bonding An Exposed Root

For patients whose sensitivity is due to an exposed root in or protruding from their tooth, dental bonding may be an effective treatment. A protruding root can happen for various reasons, and they are more common in teeth that have become weakened from multiple fillings or chipped due to injury. The bonding process involves the use of resin and a high-intensity light. This treatment may be ideal for some patients complaining of sensitive teeth.

Gum Grafting Surgery

If gum tissue is missing or thin in some areas, it can cause extreme pain and sensitivity. Gum grafting is a procedure that can strengthen the gums and thicken the tissue in the area by taking it from somewhere else in the mouth. Our dental team will thoroughly examine your mouth to determine whether a lack of gum tissue is causing your sensitivity.

Root Canals

A root canal may be the ideal procedure for some patients who feel dental pain due to sensitive teeth. A root canal treatment is a safe and effective procedure where all of the pulp and nerves within a tooth are removed. This leaves it as a shell that no longer feels pain, and it will be covered by a cap to strengthen it. In cases where patients visit with emergency toothaches, root canals are one of the most common procedures used to relieve pain.

Recommendations For Those With Sensitive Teeth

Approximately 1-in-8 Americans has sensitive teeth. Luckily, certain habits and tips can help minimize the discomfort they cause. Check out these quick tips, and ask our dentists in Chaska, MN about other ways to keep your smile strong and pain-free:

  • Choose Toothpaste Designed For Sensitive Teeth
  • Use Fluoride Products
  • Avoid Extra Hot And Cold Foods
  • Avoid Sugar When Possible

Visit West Lakes Dentistry For Treatment That Works!

Patient comfort is a high priority for every member of our staff at West Lakes Dentistry. We understand that some people have extremely sensitive teeth and may experience a higher degree of discomfort. If you’re visiting us for the first time and feel that you have sensitive teeth, be sure to mention it to us before your appointment. We offer a full range of tooth sensitivity treatment that can help you get the relief you deserve.

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